RIFFS OR DIE was created for music lovers and freethinkers.

"Riffs, or die." derives its name from the antiquated slogan, "Join, or die.", which was used during the American Revolution as a call-to-arms.  This website is dedicated to revolutionary ideas and the sonic arts.  

MUSIC IS LIFE and Riffs Or Die offers designs that embody this simple, yet profound philosophy.  From Mozart to Metallica, it's all about the riffs - those musical hooks that catch your ear and make you crank up the volume.  Music is a timeless artform that gives wings to the soul and acts as a universal language that can be understood by all. 

Of course, there won't be any music if there's no planet to live on...  So in an effort to reduce waste, we use 100% recycled (and re-useable) materials to ship our products.  

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